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WWE NXT Results: October 16 2019

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The October 16 2019 edition of WWE NXT, out of the Full Sail Arena in Winter Park, Florida, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #529 of WWE NXT by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Angel Garza

With a chorus of “Ciampa’s gonna kill you” welcoming him to the ring, Angel Garza knew his only hope of gaining the early advantage was to hot start the match, catching Tommaso off-guard.

This worked momentarily and allowed him to gain more offense than he might have otherwise, but Tommaso Ciampa quickly gained control, rag dolling Angel Garza around the ringside area.

But Garza did not give up, coming back with a dive and a missile dropkick before taking a moment to reveal his trunks beneath the breakaway tights. Tommaso Ciampa was not impressed with having tights thrown in his face, and knocked Garza unconscious with a knee strike in the corner.

Angel rolled out of the ring to pull himself together, and instead of going after him, Tommaso occupied himself by beating up Garza’s tights. And when Angel eventually stepped onto the apron to return to the ring, he was met with Ciampa’s hangman DDT from the middle rope which he has dubbed Willow’s Bell, after his daughter.

Angel Garza made a break for it while he could still stand, but before Tommaso could leave the ring, all four members of The Undisputed Era made their entrance, circling Tommaso at ringside.

Though there was no physicality, this is certainly just the beginning of the conflict between Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Dream Over

When Adam Cole and the rest of Undisputed came out to confront Tommaso Ciampa, Roderick Strong was wearing a pair of Velveteen Dream’s signature shades and Kyle O’Reilly threw a jump drive at Mauro Ranallo. And we found out why.

Kyle O’Reilly filmed himself and his cohorts backstage as they talked about making an example out of someone because everyone needs to know what happens when you mess with the Era.

They walked through the backstage area until they reached Velveteen Dream’s unconscious body laid across a pile of boxes. Roderick appeared disheveled with his shirt ripped, so Dream definitely put up a fight, but could not overcome the overwhelming numbers advantage.

Imperium (Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel) vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

With Alexander Wolfe nearby, Fabian Aichner and Danny Burch kicked off the match for their teams, and though Burch and Oney Lorcan held the upper hand for the opening portion of the match, Fabian and Marcel Barthel soon cut the ring in half, double-teaming Danny in their corner.

Back from commercial, however, Danny Burch had worn down Marcel Barthel and was escaping to his corner, tagging in Oney Lorcan who sprang into the match, laying waste to both Aichner and Barthel.

Oney and Danny set up for their double-team finisher on Fabian, but Marcel broke it up before they could go through with it. Marcel took Danny Burch out at ringside, hoping to help his partner to bring down Oney.

Oney Lorcan tried his best to fight them off but was ultimately caught with a moonsault from Fabian. Luckily, Oney had just enough energy to kick out of the pin and continue the battle.

From there, Oney had a renewed drive to defeat Imperium, firing off strikes to both Aichner and Barthel, and it looked as though his might overpower them, but the tag team abilities of Imperium proved too strong. And with their powerbomb/uppercut combo, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel won the match.

Winner: Imperium

Io Shirai vs. Kayden Carter

Determined not to be another one of Io Shirai’s victims, Kayden Carter threw herself at Shirai the moment the bell rang. She and Shirai struggled for supremacy, neither woman able to gain a clear upper hand in the match.

When Kayden rolled out of a pin and kicked Io in the face, she had Shirai looking weaker than she has in quite some time. Kayden kicked her in the face again, gaining even more steam, which Shirai brought to a screeching halt with a brutal german suplex.

After flattening Kayden, Io wasted no time in climbing the ropes for her moonsault, winning the match.

Io Shirai then grabbed a microphone, announcing that she didn’t want Bianca Belair or Rhea Ripley, she wanted NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. But Rhea did not appreciate Io Shirai calling her out and came to the ring to tell her so.

Ripley said that if Io Shirai ever said her name again, she would destroy her. Io Shirai looked like she was considering a response, but decided against it, rolling out of the ring and disappearing into the backstage area.

Winner: Io Shirai

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Keith Lee

As Undisputed Era had taken out Velveteen Dream backstage, Roderick Strong was in need of a new No. 1 Contender. So, most like to Strong’s dismay, this match was given the stipulation of the winner becoming North American Championship No. 1 Contender.

Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee came into this match with one win over each other a piece, making the stakes especially high. Keith Lee got the early advantage, targeting Dijakovic’s left arm in an effort to prevent some of his more devastating maneuvers.

But Lee’s efforts proved less effective than he had hoped, as Dijakovic’s arm may have been too injured to lift Lee, but he could throw strikes just fine. And because Dijakovic is willing to put it all on the line to win, he risked “injuring” his arm further with a suplex to Keith Lee.

Keith Lee slowly began to regain momentum with a series of strikes, leveling Dijakovic with a pounce, but Dominik was quick to respond with a choke bomb. Lee kicked out of the subsequent pin and he and Dijakovic climbed the ropes. Dijakovic tried to throw Lee from the top rope, but before he was able to get Lee in the air, Keith Lee sent him flying to the mat with a double-handed chop.

Lee gave Dijakovic very little time to recover, as he climbed down from the ropes, catching Dominik with a spirit bomb that forced Dijakovic to roll out of the ring. Back in the ring, Lee continued to wear Dominik down but was met with a boot to the face before he could build up too much momentum.

The two traded strikes, Dijakovic preparing for a Feast Your Eyes, but Keith Lee powered out, responding with a suplex that left them both lying on the mat unable to stand.

When Lee finally did regain his footing, he slowly ascended the ropes, but Dijakovic caught up with him, kicking him in the face which set up for an electric chair. As Lee was in the air, he rolled backward out of Dominik’s grip, hitting a poisonrana.

Just as the match seemed to be coming to a close, Roderick Strong interfered, causing a disqualification. Strong thought he had avoided what would be one of his most difficult challenges regardless of who won the match, but he was mistaken.

An absolutely livid William Regal appeared on the balcony above the ring, announcing that Roderick Strong would face both Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic in a triple threat match for the North American Championship Match next week.

As expected, the Era did not take this decision well and followed Regal backstage with a barrage of complaints, but the General Manager was in no mood to listen to their whining.

Winner: N/A

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Matt Riddle vs. Bronson Reed

Before Bronson Reed knew what happened, Matt Riddle was pummeling him with strike after strike, finishing off with a suplex in the middle of the ring. Reed powered out of the pin, and when Riddle went for a Broton, Reed got his knees up, turning the tables in his favor – briefly.

Matt Riddle began another series of strikes, throwing a brutal knee strike that Reed again kicked out of. Riddle climbed the ropes, launching himself in a Whisper in the Wind, but Bronson caught him in mid-air, sending him colliding with the mat.

Before Reed could follow up, Matt had him in a submission, and though Bronson escaped, Riddle quickly came back with his BroDerek, lifting a man twice his size for this tombstone piledriver finisher. This kept Bronson Reed down for good but, ever the good sport, Matt Riddle fist-bumped Bronson in celebration of their impressive bout.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Taynara vs. Tegan Nox

Tegan Nox has spent the better part of the last year on the bench due to a knee injury, giving her extra motivation to overcome the difficult challenge that Taynara presented.

With a vicious knee strike, however, Taynara sent Tegan Nox flying out of the ring. And when Tegan had gathered enough strength to come back into the match, she was again met with a barrage of offense from Taynara.

But Taynara got a little too comfortable with her lead in the match and it would be her downfall. Tegan Nox unleashed a ferocious string of maneuvers including a headbutt, an elbow strike, a chokeslam, an uppercut, and a cannonball in the corner, never once giving Taynara a window to respond.

And with her Shiniest Wizard to complete the sequence, Tegan Nox took the win.

Dakota Kai came down to congratulate her friends on a great match, but of course, Shayna Baszler and the horsewomen made their entrance to spoil the fun. Tegan Nox suggested that they get the inevitable out of the way and face off in an NXT Women’s Championship Match.

Shayna Baszler laughed off the challenge, telling Tegan to come back when she’s earned an opportunity.

Winner: Tegan Nox

Boa vs. Killian Dain

To get back at Killian Dain for costing him his match on last week’s episode of NXT, Boa flew at Dain before the Beast of Belfast knew what was happening. This allowed Boa to get an impressive amount of offense against Dain, but when Dain met him at ringside with a massive crossbody, things went downhill quickly for Boa.

Back in the ring, Dain continued to beat Boa down, Boa trying his absolute best to overcome the beast, but Dain was not having it. Dain slammed Boa down to the mat before throwing three Vader bombs.

Killian Dain probably could have pinned Boa and taken the win here, but opted for an abdominal stretch on Boa’s injured midsection instead, forcing Boa to tap out.

Winner: Killian Dain

Finn Bálor Returns

Finn Bálor had a message for the NXT Universe – he will be making his in-ring return next week on NXT TV.

Bálor had a historic career in NXT a few years ago, where he got his start in WWE, and has now returned to the black and gold brand for new competition and a new beginning.

Pete Dunne vs. Damian Priest

As Pete Dunne made his entrance, Killian Dain attempted to interfere, so Dunne casually broke Dain’s fingers. The Beast of Belfast was outraged, but a group of officials was able to hold him back, preventing the onslaught that was undoubtedly brewing in Dain’s mind.

Priest and Dunne began the match with a test of strength, through which Damian Priest came out on top, sending Dunne crashing into the mat. But Dunne responded with his signature joint manipulation, fulfilling the promise to break Priest’s fingers so that he could no longer fire any arrows.

Dunne and Priest rolled to ringside where Dunne resumed the snapping of Priest’s digits, but when the two were back in the ring, the momentum drastically shifted.

Damian Priest flattened Pete Dunne, disorienting him enough that he was able to follow with strikes in the corner, beating Dunne down until he was again laid out on the mat. Priest became distracted arguing with the referee, allowing Dunne to lock him in a submission, but Priest broke free, slamming Dunne down for a near fall.

Back from commercial, Pete Dunne hurled Priest from the top rope in an avalanche superplex, which he followed with strikes to Priest’s chest. With a step-up enziguri and a dropkick to Priest’s knee, Dunne gained complete control, forcing Priest to roll out of the ring where he came behind with a moonsault.

Damian Priest climbed to the top rope, visibly struggling to gain feeling in his fingers, and was thrown down with a powerbomb from Dunne. Pete Dunne trapped Priest in an armbar which Priest countered by lifting Dunne’s lower body, pinning his shoulders to the mat.

Dunne narrowly escaped but had no time to even begin to formulate a plan of action, as Priest flung him down in a crucifix powerbomb. Pete Dunne rolled out of the ring but again could not escape Priest, who wrecked him with a senton to the floor.

The two exchanged kicks to the head, Pete Dunne climbing the ropes, but Damian Priest connected with a frankensteiner when he reached the top. Pete Dunne got to his feet, launching into a furious strike exchange with Damian Priest, who ended the interaction with a clothesline.

Priest prepared for The Reckoning and Dunne prevented it with a Bitter End attempt, but Priest was right there with a kick to Dunne’s head. Priest lept from the top rope hoping to gain the upper hand but was met with a forearm from Dunne in mid-air.

Dunne tried for a moonsault, but Priest got his knees up, immediately setting up for the Reckoning once more.

With the referee’s back turned, Damian Priest low-blowed Pete Dunne, allowing him to successfully connect with The Reckoning and take the win.

Winner: Damian Priest

NXT Results (October 16 2019)

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