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WWE NXT Results: November 6 2019

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The November 6 2019 edition of WWE NXT, out of the Full Sail Arena in Winter Park, Florida, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #532 of WWE NXT by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

The OC Invade NXT

In the opening moments, we were shown a clip that occurred before the show began. This clip depicted The OC decimating all four members of Undisputed Era outside of Full Sail Arena, announcing that they were giving UE a receipt for their invasion of Raw.

AJ Styles and his crew then made their way to the ring, informing the NXT roster that they were taking over. But Tommaso Ciampa wasn’t going to let The OC come into his house and disrespect him, so he came to the stage to speak to Styles.

He said that The OC were welcome to destroy Undisputed Era, he couldn’t care less, but he could not accept intruders coming to his ring and claiming it was theirs. AJ Styles initially laughed him off but found it slightly less funny when Keith Lee and Matt Riddle joined Ciampa.

Ciampa advised The OC that they should go get their gear on, because he, Lee, and Riddle, were going to teach them exactly why NXT is the real main roster.

Pete Dunne vs. Damian Priest

Still holding a grudge against Damian Priest’s previous victory won with a low blow, Pete Dunne stared Priest down with bitterness in his eyes, taking his time charging his opponent after the bell.

The two each went for a quick victory, Damian Priest attempting The Reckoning and Pete Dunne going for the Bitter End, but both dodged the other’s attack.

Dunne sent Priest flying out of the ring, stomping on Priest’s hand when he tried to climb back in. After another strike or two from Dunne, Priest responded, laying Dunne out on the apron.

Pete Dunne prevented an aerial attack from Priest using joint manipulation on the top rope, but Priest soon laid him out anyway. After a striking exchange, Damian Priest trapped Dunne in the corner, stomping him out before lifting him up to sling him to the opposite corner for a shoulder attack.

Priest connected with a Falcon Arrow, hoping to take the win, but it only gained him a near fall. He did ground Dunne with this attack, however, and was able to use that to his advantage, pummeling Dunne as he laid on the mat. Pete Dunne finally came back with a wristlock, following it up with an x-plex, but it wasn’t enough to put Priest away.

Dunne rocked Priest with a missile dropkick, preparing for another suplex, which Priest prevented with an elbow. This didn’t slow Dunne whatsoever, though, and he was soon dodging a German suplex, kicking Priest in the head when he landed.

The action spilled to the outside, where Pete dove onto Damian with a moonsault, and no matter what Priest did in an effort to gain momentum, Dunne quickly regained the upper hand. Dunne stomped Priest’s hand once more, revving up for the Bitter End, but Priest escaped, launching himself in a moonsault of his own when Dunne rolled out of the ring to recover from a kick to the head.

Back from commercial, Priest and Dunne were firing off forearms at a rapid pace, an exchange that left both men laid out, but not before Priest connected with a vicious kick to the side of Dunne’s face.

When Dunne found his feet, he was brought down again with a clothesline and a crucifix bomb. Dunne snatched Priest’s hand when he reached down to lift him for a final attack and the two brawled into the corner, knocking the referee to the side. This small window was enough to allow Dunne to pay Priest back for his low blow last week, and he struck Priest hard below the belt with a boot.

From here, Dunne quickly took the win with a little more joint manipulation to prove a point before tapping Priest out with a wristlock.

Dunne’s celebration was cut short, however, as Killian Dain took this as an opportunity to attack. Damian Priest tried to get in on the beatdown as well, but Dain wasn’t having it, tossing Priest to the side before resuming his assault of The Bruiserweight.

As Killian Dain left the ringside area, he was blindsided by an angry Damian Priest. Dain simply laid him out as well, disappearing backstage with not one, but two crumpled bodies in his wake.

Winner: Pete Dunne

Taynara Conti vs. Santana Garrett

In the first match set as a bid to impress WarGames team captains Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler, Santana Garrett made her NXT TV debut against Taynara Conti.

Perhaps slightly overly confident, Taynara Conti came close to an early defeat at the hands of Santana with a roll-up. This forced her to take her opponent more seriously, but Santana still got in a few more strikes before Tayanara put a stop to her steadily building momentum with a disgusting running knee.

Following more kicks, Taynara went for a pin, but Santana kicked out, responding with a back elbow after escaping Conti’s Rings of Saturn. Santana tried to capitalize with another elbow and a moonsault, the latter of which Taynara dodged, firing back with a kick to the face of Santana and taking the win.

Winner: Taynara Conti

Dakota Kai vs. Shayna Baszler

Before the match, Dakota Kai was interviewed by Cathy Kelly backstage regarding her one-on-one battle with Baszler, as well as her thoughts on the upcoming WarGames event.

Kai said that while it was true that she used to fear Shayna Baszler, she isn’t the same person anymore and would be going into her match against The Queen of Spades, who said that Kai was a “waste of a pick,” to prove to both Baszler and Ripley why she was a valuable member of any team.

With Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir closeby at ringside, Baszler and Kai locked up, battling in a test of strength before Dakota Kai piefaced Shayna to prove that she wouldn’t be intimidated.

Dakota Kai smashed into Shayna with a series of kicks, Baszler doing her best to evade them, but Kai landed most of the strikes regardless. Frustrated by Dakota’s new attitude, Baszler stopped a kick off the apron from Kai by snatching her leg and slinging her into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Shayna grounded Kai before laying in a submission targeting Kai’s injured knee, stomping hard on the leg after releasing the hold.

Back from commercial, Dakota Kai was kicking Baszler in the face repeatedly in an effort to force a break in the hold she was in. After unleashing a flurry of kicks to Baszler, Kai attempted to follow up with a top rope attack, but Baszler caught her, throwing her to the mat with a superplex that gained her a near fall.

The two flew into a striking exchange of which Baszler thought she had come out on top, but Kai didn’t stay down for long. Shayna Baszler was quick to respond, however, leveling Kai with a knee strike before locking in her Kirafuda Clutch, pulling Dakota back in when she tried to escape and winning the match.

The win was not enough for the three horsewomen, who thought they would teach Kai a lesson by beating her down post-match. The women’s locker room emptied out into the arena, putting a stop to the attack and causing a massive brawl. Mia Yim was the one to stand tall in the end, sending Shayna and her crew running with a kendo stick assault.

Tegan Nox, Candice LeRae, and Rhea Ripley all joined Mia Yim in the ring to help Dakota to her feet, presumably indicating that Rhea was impressed enough with the match to welcome Kai to her team.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Tony Nese vs. Angel Garza

Cruiserweight Championship No. 1 Contender’s Match

As Lio Rush is the newly crowned NXT Cruiserweight Champion, he is obviously in need of an opponent. Enter Tony Nese and Angel Garza, who took to the NXT ring to determine which of them would face Lio in a match for the title next week.

And as neither Tony Nese nor Angel Garza has a particularly strong moral compass, it wasn’t long before Angel had a handful of Tony’s hair, which Tony, of course, tried to use in his defense in an argument with the referee.

Tony Nese gave the disrespect right back to Garza, taking a moment or two to pose after flooring his opponent. Angel set up for his signature breakaway pants spot with a headscissors, but Tony stopped it before he could make the big reveal.

Nese and Garza brawled into the corner and up the ropes, Angel going for a superplex which Tony escaped with a powerbomb attempt, but instead of throwing his opponent to the mat, he merely ripped off his pants, providing the best breakaway pants spot yet.

Back from commercial, Angel Garza was raining forearms down on Nese, who got payback with a handful of Garza’s hair. This didn’t have the effect he was hoping for, however, and Angel brought him down with a dropkick that sent Tony to the floor, where Angel followed with a moonsault.

Back in the ring, Angel Garza gained a near fall with a backbreaker, but became too comfortable with his dominance, allowing Tony Nese to get a near fall of his own with a pumphandle slam.

When this wasn’t enough to keep Garza down, Tony went for a second, but Angel was able to shift into a lungblower. Angel climbed the ropes, looking to add an exclamation point, but Tony caught up with him, smacking him in the face before loosing a barrage of kicks and finishing with a DDT at ringside.

Sensing that victory was close at hand, Tony Nese ascended the ropes, wrecking Angel Garza with his 450 finisher, but Angel got his foot on the bottom rope at the last second.

From here, the two traded a series of strikes that culminated in a powerbomb from Angel. Tony Nese tried to fight his way back but ultimately took a Wingclipper from Angle Garza and lost the match.

Winner: Angel Garza

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Rhea Ripley’s WarGames Team is Complete

Backstage, Rhea Ripley, flanked by Mia Yim, Dakota Kai, Tegan Nox, and Candice LeRae, was interviewed regarding her WarGames team. She had already chosen Nox and LeRae but was still in need of a fourth pick.

Ripley said that she was on the hunt for brutality, and that is exactly what Mia Yim showed her during the brawl post-Shayna Baszler vs. Dakota Kia, and Mia Yim was, therefore, her final choice.

Unfortunately for Dakota, this meant she didn’t make the cut. And even though Rhea apologized for choosing Mia instead, Dakota seemed extremely upset by the news, storming off before the interview was complete.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Dominik Dijakovic

With the knowledge that Dominik Dijakovic had the clear power and size advantage, Isaiah Scott attempted to get the better of him with a burst of offense at the start of the match, but Dijakovic overcame it with relative ease.

As always, Dominik Dijakovic blew the audience’s mind with his high-flying offense, and although it certainly rattled his opponent, Swerve came back with a suplex, hitting a DDT before Dijak could respond.

This only gained Swerve a two count, however, and Dijakovic took the lead with a kick that caused Scott to crash into the ropes as he attempted an aerial attack. Swerve evaded a Feast Your Eyes with a roll-up, but Dominik connected with a big boot, taking him down.

Dominik clearly thought he had the match won with a chokebomb and, exasperated, went for a second when Scott powered out of the pin, but Isaiah saw it coming and transitioned into a poisonrana.

After another back and forth flurry, Swerve appeared to have the upper hand, but Dijakovic was simply luring him into a false sense of security and sprang up for a Feast Your Eyes just when Scott thought he was closing in on the win.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

The OC vs. Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Riddle, & Keith Lee

The tone of this match was set before it began, all 6 men wasting no time in breaking into a brawl the moment they set stepped into the ring.

AJ Styles and Tommaso Ciampa started the actual match, Styles gaining the early advantage by laying Ciampa out before diving onto Riddle at ringside. Ciampa responded with a DDT as Styles made his way back into the ring for a near fall, giving the ring to Keith Lee when Styles didn’t stay down.

Keith Lee and Luke Gallows took over from here, locking up in a test of strength which Lee won, using his power advantage to brush aside any attack Gallows could throw before pouncing Gallows clear out of the ring.

Gallows took over with a kick to the face, at which point he took a breather, tagging in Karl Anderson. A much smaller competitor than Luke, Karl Anderson didn’t have nearly the luck that Gallows did, and was quickly picked apart by the opposing team.

An interference from AJ Styles at ringside was enough to give Karl the leg up he needed to take the upper hand from Tommaso Ciampa, who suffered a brutal beatdown at the hands of all three members of The OC afterward.

Tommaso Ciampa tried to escape to his corner by using Gallows’ own momentum to send him outside of the ring, but Gallows was a step ahead, taking Keith Lee out to prevent Ciampa from making the tag.

Finally, Tommaso broke free of Karl Anderson’s clutches, getting the hot tag to Matt Riddle, who flew into the match, dropping every in site with all manner of offense from Brotons to German suplexes to his Bro to Sleep finisher on AJ Styles.

Luke Gallows broke the pin, setting up the Magic Killer on Keith Lee with Karl Anderson, which Matt Riddle put a stop to, allowing Keith Lee to powerslam Gallows.

Styles and Riddle took to the ring for another showdown and Styles got the better of Riddle with an insanely quick succession of attacks after flipping out of a German suplex.

Keith Lee pounced AJ Styles but accidentally threw him into the referee, knocking him out. With no official, the chaos erupted instantly, Matt Riddle taking everyone out with a moonsault to the outside.

AJ Styles and Tommaso Ciampa were the first to return to the ring, Styles connecting with a pele kick when none other than Finn Bálor caused a distraction with his entrance, opening the door for a Styles Clash, after attacking Matt Riddle.

AJ Styles had Tommaso Ciampa in position for the finish when Adam Cole sprang into the ring, taking Styles out with a superkick before flattening Ciampa with a Last Shot.

Winner: N/A

WWE NXT (November 6 2019)

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