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WWE NXT Results: November 13 2019

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The November 13 2019 edition of WWE NXT, out of the Full Sail Arena in Winter Park, Florida, just wrapped up. We’ve got the match results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about episode #533 of WWE NXT by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Lio Rush (c) vs. Angel Garza

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

Feeling particularly confident, Angel Garza started the match with mind games, trying to smack Lio Rush in the face a second time (as he did after securing No. 1 Contendership last week) before hopping the barricade to tear his pants off right in front of Rush’s family.

Infuriated by these actions, Lio Rush came back strong, attacking Garza as he came back into the ringside area, but it wasn’t long before the challenger had control of the action once again, powerslamming Lio Rush into the ramp as he attempted a dive to the outside.

Back from commercial, both Lio Rush and Angel Garza pulled out all of the stops, gaining dueling near falls that left them both laid out. Lio Rush recovered first but caught a moonsault powerslam from Garza before he could connect with anything.

Miraculously, the champ not only kicked out of this attack but wasted no time fighting his way back into the match, hitting Garza with a Spanish Fly. Angel Garza was just as determined, however, coming very close to victory yet again with his Wing Clipper, but Rush persevered.

The two climbed the ropes, Garza looking for another finishing attempt, but Rush was quicker, throwing Garza to the match before following with a frog splash. When this wasn’t enough to put Garza away, Rush hit another, officially taking the win, but Angel’s foot was under the ropes, giving him a valid argument for a rematch.

Winner: Lio Rush

Someone’s Out for Revenge

Immediately after the preceding match, we were shown the outside of the arena, where Tegan Nox and Rhea Ripley were lying unconscious on the ground, having obviously been attacked. NXT officials and security were tending to them, but the attacker(s) was nowhere in sight.

Aliyah vs. Xia Li

Xia Li had Aliyah’s number from the start, furiously rag dolling her opponent back and forth across the ring. And despite interference from Aliyah’s friend Vanessa Borne and an eye rake from Aliyah herself, Xia Li took the win with a roundhouse kick to the face, “bloodying” Aliyah’s nose.

Winner: Xia Li

Finn Bálor Makes a Statement

Finn Bálor came to the ring to air his grievances regarding the new NXT. He said that the “heart of NXT” Johnny Gargano was merely a joke, bragging about what he had done to Gargano before announcing that he was the true heart of NXT.

He then moved onto Matt Riddle, who didn’t appreciate being insulted and ran to the ring to attack Bálor. Finn made a run for it, escaping any serious abuse. However, Finn had no sooner jumped the barricade than The Undisputed Era surrounded the ring with Matt Riddle in it.

The four Era members attempted to launch a 4-on-1 attack on Riddle, who was saved at the last second by Tommaso Ciampa and Keith Lee. Lee said he knew Cole went head to head against both Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, but he hadn’t yet basked in the glory that is Keith Lee.

Several referees charged to the ring to defuse the situation, but couldn’t stop Keith Lee from launching Roderick Strong across the ring.

Keith Lee vs. Roderick Strong

Back from commercial, a match between Keith Lee and Roderick Strong had been made official and was underway.

Clearly annoyed by Roderick Strong and the rest of The Undisputed Era’s attitudes, Keith Lee was on a mission to teach Roddy some respect, pummeling him from the moment the match began while dodging or brushing aside any attempt he made at a comeback.

With a series of strikes, Roderick Strong began to slowly chip away at the titan of NXT, but it wasn’t enough to keep him down; in fact, it really only angered Lee further, who delivered a massive chop to Strong’s chest after leveling him with a nasty powerslam.

After a commercial break, Roderick Strong had begun to pick up steam, the two competitors brawling at ringside where Strong connected with a dropkick when Lee tried to throw him off and back into the ring.

Strong hit another kick to Lee’s face in the ring, locking in a chinlock before raking his fingers through Lee’s eyes. Roderick took a moment too long to taunt Lee, however, and Keith came back with a vengeance, roaring in Strong’s face before flattening him.

The two ascended the ropes, Roderick Strong throwing Keith Lee to the mat with a superplex that he was only able to pull off after kneeing Lee in the head. Strong fought to lock in the Stronghold, but couldn’t maneuver Keith Lee. He struggled long enough that Keith came to, and the two broke into a striking exchange.

After a clothesline left both Lee and Strong laid out in the ring, a brawl broke out at ringside between The Undisputed Era, Tommaso Ciampa, and Matt Riddle. And to add to the chaos, Finn Bálor appeared, taking Matt Riddle down.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Roderick Strong sprang into action, hitting Lee with a flying knee out of nowhere, following it up with an Olympic slam. Keith Lee kicked out of the pin, however, responding with a Supernova to win the match.

Keith Lee’s celebration was extremely short-lived, as Undisputed Era were instantly in the ring to clobber him. Tommaso Ciampa tried to take them down, but the 3-on-1 advantage was too much for him.

Just as it looked like the Era was going to come out on top, Dominik Dijakovic ran down, clearing all three attackers from the ring before shaking hands with Ciampa and Keith Lee. It was later confirmed that he would be taking Johnny Gargano’s place in the upcoming WarGames match.

Winner: Keith Lee

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The Attacks Continue

Another attack occurred outside of the arena, this time on Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke, and Candice LeRae. And this time, Triple H got involved, ordering officials to watch the entrances, determined to catch the culprit or at least prevent any further damage to his NXT army.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed did his best to ground Swerve early in the match, keeping a firm grasp on his arm in an effort to prevent his high-flying offense. Swerve eventually broke free, connecting with a dropkick to Bronson only to be thrown to the mat directly after.

Bronson Reed kept control from here, flinging Isaiah to the outside before following him for some chops. Isaiah finally threw him off and into the ring post, bringing his growing momentum to a halt.

Back from commercial, Reed had Scott held motionless in the middle of the ring, but Scott was soon firing off rapid strikes to every bit of Reed he could reach. A flatliner from Scott gained him a near fall, but it wasn’t enough to put Reed away.

After further back and forth, Bronson Reed connected with his devastating Death Drop Driver, but Isaiah Scott kicked out. Scott’s relentless pursuit of victory paid off when a brutal kick to the back of the neck took Reed out for good.

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Pete Dunne vs. Killian Dain

As Killian Dain made his way to the ring and Pete Dunne, Damian Priest ambushed him from behind, taking him out before launching into a brawl with Pete Dunne.

Dain recovered quickly, joining the other two at ringside in a chaotic exchange that officials failed to break up – because when they tried, they were demolished by Damian Priest, who finished off Dunne and Dain before disappearing backstage, leaving all of the wreckage he had created behind him.

Mia Yim vs. Io Shirai

Ladder Match for WarGames Advantage

Dakota Kai approached Mia Yim during her pre-match interview, informing Yim that there were no hard feelings regarding Yim being chosen for Rhea Ripley’s WarGames team over her. In fact, given that everyone else on the team had been taken out earlier in the evening, she had a plan if things went sideways during the match.

Fully aware of the high stakes, Mia Yim and Io Shirai charged toward each other with the opening bell, both intent on being the one to get the early advantage. Shirai ultimately got the better of Yim, introducing the first ladder into the ring after hurling her outside of the ring.

Mia Yim attempted to throw Shirai into the ladder but ended up hitting it herself instead. Yim got her revenge by smashing Shirai’s hand in the ladder, which allowed Mia to take control in the ensuing brawl.

Back from commercial, a flapjack from Io Shirai created some breathing room for ruthless Superstar, but not quite enough, as Mia Yim suplexed her into a ladder propped in the corner seconds later. This kept Shirai down long enough that Mia was able to set up the ladder and begin to climb.

Shirai stopped her before she even made it up a rung, however, slamming the ladder into Yim so hard that it bent and bringing a new one into the ring. Yim took Shirai down again with her Protect Ya Neck, but as she was setting up the second ladder, Io Shirai hit a dropkick from the top rope, smashing the ladder into Yim’s face.

As officials tended to a bloody Mia Yim, Io Shirai tried to set up the ladder and climb but was so worn at this point that she could barely lift it. And by the time she had it set up, Mia Yim was back in the match, throwing her down.

Mia tried to gain the upper hand but was overpowered by Io, who threw her out of the ring. Dakota Kai ran to Mia Yim’s aid but was made to regret it, as Io Shirai fired off a moonsault onto both of them.

Mia Yim was almost at the top when Kay Lee Ray, the NXT UK Women’s Champion, sprang into action, sending Yim flying out of the ring and into a ladder when she knocked over the one she stood on.

Helping Io Shirai to the top of the ladder and the WarGames advantage, Kay Lee Ray posed at the bottom with her title and Bianca Belair at her side, undoubtedly awarding Ray the fourth spot on Team Shayna.

And if there was any question, it was soon answered, as Shayna Baszler herself came to the stage to congratulate her teammates on their victory. But Bayley was right behind her, attacking Shayna and sending a message to Team NXT to close the show.

Winner: Io Shirai

WWE NXT (November 13 2019)

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