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WWE NXT Results: February 7 2018

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The Undisputed Era vs. SAnitY Pt. 1


Why would the champs come out first for the match, you ask? So SAnitY could attack them before they had even finished their entrance, of course. NXT officials attempted to separate the teams while the crowd chanted “let them fight”.

Undisputed Era made their way back up the ramp trying to escape when Regal came out to announce that there would indeed be a match, but it would now be a 6-man tornado tag match to take place later in the night.


Heavy Machinery vs. Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss


This was a bit of an awkward match, but Heavy Machinery have so much potential. They have a unique look and move well considering how gigantic they are. They’re just starting out in WWE, but I have high hopes. Sabbatelli and Moss got in a good bit of offense in the beginning, to the tune of a “Tino sucks” chant from the audience which continued after the match was over. Riddick agreed, apparently, as he refused to leave with his partner after being taken down by a Double Team.

Winner: Heavy Machinery


Johnny Gargano Promo


Johnny Wrestling came to the ring to chat with the crowd. He talked about his championship match from TakeOver, telling the world that, although he couldn’t capture the title, the bout would always be special.

He also said that he would never forget getting hit in the back with a crutch, at which point he called out Ciampa. But instead of the Psycho Killer, he got La Sombra. Almas stood in the ring holding his title and looking pretty while Zelina said that Ciampa had nothing to do with his loss, that he was simply a loser.

The crowd practically begged for Candace, and after Zelina put her hands on Johnny, she appeared. Together, they ran Almas and Zelina out of the ring. From the ramp, Zelina challenged Mr Wrestling to a title vs. career match, which he accepted.


Shayna Baszler Interview


Baszler was shown backstage being interviewed by several unnamed journalists. Shayna is great on the mic and I think it’s because she believes what she says. She’s not playing a character, she’s just herself turned up to 11. She said that it’s not a question of if Ember is afraid of her, she knows she is, and should be, because she plans to tear Moon’s arm off.


Bianca Belair vs. Cool Indie Lady


To start things off, Belair pulled Cool Indie Lady in from a handshake and held her on her shoulders for about half the match. Bianca took her down extremely quickly with an Alley Oop. This is exactly how she needs to be booked, particularly to differentiate her from Sasha Banks. She’s crazy strong and needs to show it off.

Winner: Bianca Belair


SAnitY vs. The Undisputed Era Pt. 2
6-Man Tornado Tag Match


This match started off hot; SAnitY jumped out of the ring to get things going before the official could ring the bell. With no disqualification and all men legal at the same time, there was a lot of brawling going on, both in and outside of the ring. It also didn’t take long before the tables, chairs, and stairs came into play.

Young, Cole, O’Reilly, and Wolfe brawled around backstage, while Bobby Fish stayed behind, attempting to bring down the Beast of Belfast. It didn’t work, of course, and ended up getting him thrown from the stage by Dain.

Things went back to the ring after this, Killian Dain continuing to use his size to his advantage, throwing around the Undisputed guys one by one until getting superkicked by Adam Cole. Things devolved for SAnitY from here, Undisputed almost bringing them down, but Killian Dain came back from the dead (after being thrown through a table) to get revenge and the victory for his team.

Killian Dain was by far the star of the show here. He is one of the most talented super heavyweights we’ve seen in a long time and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

Winner: SAnitY

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