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WWE NXT Results: February 21 2018

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Andrade Almas Video Package


We kicked off the show with a video package highlighting Almas’ rise to NXT Champion and beyond. The monkeys in the truck really did it this time, that video package was incredible. Andrade is so good now, particularly since the addition of Zelina Vega, that sometimes you forget he really was struggling before. He’s come a long way and we got to see the whole thing in a nice 5-minute story.


Velveteen Dream vs. No Way Jose


What a clash of personalities. Both of these guys have such flamboyant characters, it was interesting to see them in the ring together. They certainly had fun out there, both of them dancing (or, in Velveteen’s case, hip gyrating) and having a good time in between the wrestling spots.

Things picked up in the second half and they both got a little more serious, but Jose could not take down Velveteen. The extremely over Dream got the pin with his Purple Rainmaker before picking up the mic to call out a handful of other superstars saying that no one was better than Velveteen (referring to himself in the third person, of course).

Winner: Velveteen Dream


Nikki Cross vs. Vanessa Borne


Nikki Cross is one of my favorite ladies of WWE, but I have to give some credit to Vanessa, she’s fairly new to wrestling, but she looked pretty good out there.

This was a short, but fun match with some good back and forth. Nikki’s violent, erratic strategy paid off when she overpowered her opponent and got the victory with The Purge (great name, by the way).

Winner: Nikki Cross


Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Johnny Gargano


These two were not playing any games tonight and went straight into fast-paced action the second the bell rang. They slowed things down to size each other up but were right back at it again moments later.

We guessed Zelina Vega would be a non-factor in the match with Candace LeRae accompanying Mr. Wrestling and that is exactly what happened. The moment Vega attempted shenanigans, LeRae dove from the ring and chased her backstage.

La Sombra pummeled Gargano, working the right arm, and at one point looked legitimately offended that the audience was chanting for Johnny. That man gets better all the time.

Gargano briefly shifted the momentum in his favor with a head scissors that threw Almas from the ring, but it didn’t last long. This was another match with flawless storytelling and intense action, and after their classic at TakeOver: Philadelphia, it came as no surprise.

Johnny had the match in the bag, but after an accidental elbow from Andrade put the referee out of commission, Tommaso Ciampa made an appearance with his trusty crutch and beat Johnny with it once more. This was enough for Andrade to get the pin and retain his title, meaning that Johnny Wrestling is no longer an NXT superstar.

The show closed with Johnny Gargano walking from the ring arm-in-arm with Candace while the crowd chanted “Thank You, Johnny”. We then saw Tommaso Ciampa waving goodbye, looking quite pleased with himself.

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas


What did you think of the show? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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