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WWE Money in the Bank 2018: Match Card, Predictions, and Analysis

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WWE Money in the Bank 2018 is going down tonight, June 17th, live on the WWE Network. We’ve got the announced match card, show predictions, and our overall thoughts for you to check out below. Let us know what you think is going to happen during tonight’s show by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match


This will most likely be match of the night, especially considering the number of participants who could realistically win is so high. There are two probable outcomes: a member of The New Day will capture the briefcase, giving the trio something new to sink their teeth into, or Samoa Joe will claim the briefcase and shift his sights toward a title run on SmackDown Live. A flip of the coin reveals that Samoa Joe will get the W on Sunday night.

Winner: Samoa Joe


Seth Rollins (c) vs. Elias

Intercontinental Championship Match


Elias has been fantastic this year, but Seth Rollins is arguably the best performer in WWE at the moment and the Intercontinental Championship, along with Monday Night Raw, needs him badly right now. Therefore, Rollins will retain via the Curb Stomp after a hot match.

Winner: Seth Rollins


The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. The Club

SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships Match


The Bludgeon Brothers have been on a roll for months, but The Club recently managed to throw a wrench in the wheels of the SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions. Although nothing would surprise us on Sunday night, the smart money is on The Bludgeon Brothers to keep on bludgeoning.

Winner: The Bludgeon Brothers


Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match


Much like the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, there are several participants who could win the briefcase and not shock the world by doing so. Sasha Banks literally has the word “bank” in her name, and our gut tells us that she could be the winner, but our heart says Ember Moon, so we’re going to predict an Eclipse on Sunday night.

Winner: Ember Moon


Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley


This match, much like its build, will more than likely be a messy situation that makes everyone involved look foolish. Thankfully, Bobby Lashley will win in quick fashion, allowing for both men to move on to literally anything else.

Winner: Bobby Lashley


Carmella (c) vs. Asuka

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match


Rumors of a James Ellsworth return has the internet buzzing and many fans predict Carmella to retain because of this, but we’re going to go against the grain and say that Asuka will capture her first title since joining the main roster, despite the princess getting assistance from her old friend, Ellsworth.

Winner: Asuka


Daniel Bryan vs. Big Cass


Another underwhelming build, this one has been cringe-worthy from its inception. Lucky for us, Daniel Bryan is a master entertainer and will do everything he can to please the crowd, despite being in the ring with a guy whose only asset is his above average height. Bryan will somehow bring down the enormous giant of a man that is Big Cass to the relief of everyone watching.

Winner: Daniel Bryan


Roman Reigns vs. Jinder Mahal


Reigns and Mahal will fight back and forth until Roman gets the upper hand, at which point Sunil Singh will interfere, but The Big Dog will overcome, beat down both the Maharaja and his crony, and win the match, drawing a resounding indifference from the Chicago crowd. If this match goes any differently, we will honestly be shocked.

Winner: Roman Reigns


Nia Jax (c) vs. Ronda Rousey

Raw Women’s Championship Match


This one is frustrating because no matter the outcome, one of these ladies is going to come out of this looking rather stupid. Not to mention this is only Ronda’s second televised match in WWE, so we don’t exactly have all the confidence in the world that it’s going to be good. All we can hope is that it’s short and sweet and that Nia doesn’t look too worse for wear when it’s over.

Winner: Ronda Rousey


AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match


Fans have been somewhat disappointed with previous matches between these two, so they have no choice but to pull out all the stops for what should be the blow-off to this feud. We have no doubt Styles and Nakamura have all the tools to put on a show-stopper, it’s just been a matter of when. Nakamura is obviously going to attempt another low-blow but this time will be thwarted by an athletic cup, eventually allowing Styles to retain his title.

Winner: AJ Styles

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