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WWE Mae Young Classic Results: Episode 4 (Sep 26 2018)

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The fourth episode of the second annual WWE Mae Young Classic just wrapped up. We’ve got the WWE Mae Young Classic results, as well as our overall thoughts on the show, for you to check out below. Let us know what you thought about this episode of the WWE Mae Young Classic by tweeting us, @TheRumbleRamble.

Rachel Evers vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto


We immediately fell in love with Hiroyo Matsumoto when we learned that her moniker is “Lady Godzilla” because she destroys everything in her path. True to her name, Matsumoto bulldozed through Evers for the majority of the match. Rachel Evers eventually snuck in some offense and even got a near fall, but Matsumoto refused to yield and brought her down.

Winner: Hiroyo Matsumoto


Jessie Elaban vs. Taynara Conti


This was probably the most competitive match of the night; Elaban and Conti were fairly evenly matched, both women throwing everything that had at the other. Taynara Conti, in particular, was absolutely vicious.

Winner: Taynara Conti


Isla Dawn vs. Nicole Matthews


Personally, Isla Dawn is one of the performers I was most excited to see. Matthews held control throughout much of the match; Isla Dawn didn’t go down easily by any means but eventually succumbed to the Liontamer. Although Isla didn’t advance in the tournament, we’re excited to see where she will go in the future.

Winner: Nicole Matthews


Io Shirai vs. Xia Brookside


Xia Brookside started off hot, attacking Shirai the second the bell rang. Io Shirai quickly made her regret it, however, mercilessly wearing Brookside down before defeating her with one of the most violent moonsaults we’ve ever seen. We’re calling it now: Io Shirai is going far in the MYC.

Winner: Io Shirai

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