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The 5 Best Moments from WWE Raw (August 26 2019)

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The August 26 2019 edition of WWE Raw went down last night in the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Listed below are the 5 best moments from the show.

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Ricochet Soars in King of the Ring Match Against Drew McIntyre

Is there anything better than a highly skilled strong man in the ring with a highly skilled high flyer? If there is, the list is certainly short.

Drew McIntyre and Ricochet clashed in this first-round King of the Ring match and tore the house down in the process. Ricochet came at Drew McIntyre guns blazing but, using his size and strength advantage, Drew swatted him down.

The two went back and forth, McIntyre fighting to keep Ricochet grounded, Ricochet slowly chipping away at the Scottish Psychopath. McIntyre eventually lost his grip on the aerial assailant, and with a Recoil/630 combo, Ricochet took the win and advanced in the tournament.

The Miz and Baron Corbin Face-Off in King of the Ring Tournament

In the last first-round King of the Ring Match on Raw, The Miz stepped up against Baron Corbin, who appears to have finally abandoned his waiter’s uniform in favor of a black tank top and jeans. We approve of this fashion choice.

This was a fun match that saw Miz and Baron avoiding or powering out of each other’s best moves and overall beating the tar out of each other in hopes of taking that next step toward King of the Ring.

But an End of Days marked the end of The Miz’s tournament journey. After the match, Baron Corbin made his way to the throne, placing the crown upon his head and taking a seat before announcing that everyone would soon be saying All Hail King Corbin.

Sasha Banks Returns to the Ring for a Match Against Natalya

In her first match since taking a leave of absence after WrestleMania 35, Sasha Banks met Natalya in the ring to give her a legitimate beating in place of her recent ringside/backstage attacks.

Natalya did her best to give Sasha a receipt for her past acts of disrespect, both verbal and physical, but The Boss was too determined to take the win. Because Natalya is really just a stepping stone for Banks on the road to Becky Lynch and the Raw Women’s Championship.

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Cedric Alexander and Cesaro Battle for Supremacy

As a warm-up for his King of the Ring Match against Baron Corbin next week, Cedric Alexander went one-on-one with Cesaro. And as Cedric and Cesaro are both insanely talented performers, this was every bit the high-speed, high-impact battle you would expect.

It was one of those matches that’s hard to put into words because they’re moving at a thousand miles an hour from start to finish. All I can say is, the list of guys I want Cesaro to have an extended feud with is getting longer by the minute.

Braun Strowman Challenges AJ Styles for the United States Championship

Though Braun Strowman challenged Seth Rollins for his Universal Championship earlier in the evening, he thought, why not take AJ Styles down too and hold all of the titles on Raw?

And he came close more than once, Styles struggling to gain any momentum against The Monster without his entourage. Unfortunately for Strowman, however, the referee was inadvertently rendered unconscious at ringside, opening the door for Styles to try as many shenanigans as he could before the official woke up.

Styles attacked Strowman with a steel chair, then his henchmen, Gallows and Anderson, ran down to help him inflict damage. Strowman successfully fought them off and, enraged, grabbed the steel chair to get revenge on Styles. But just then, the referee regained consciousness, surveyed the wreckage and the dented steel chair in Strowman’s hands, assumed that he had attacked Styles, and disqualified him.

Strowman got his revenge after the match was over, but walked away without the United States Championship.

What’s on your list of the best moments from the August 26 2019 episode of WWE Raw? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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