The September 4 2019 edition of WWE NXT and NXT UK went down this past Wednesday. Listed below are the 5 best moments from the shows.

6Rhea Ripley Proves Herself in a Match Against Piper Niven

Though Rhea Ripley recently picked a fight with NXT Women’s Champion, Shayna Baszler, she had already started a feud with Piper Niven, and was in fact bested the last time they stepped in the ring together. Not one to take a loss lying down, Ripley returned to the red and gold brand this week on NXT UK to pick up where she left off.

After a hard-fought match, Ripley took the victory with her Riptide, but now that they are 1-1 in wins, Rhea will no doubt compete in a third match with Niven to prove once and for all that she is the better woman before focusing her full attention on Baszler.