The 5 Best Moments from WWE NXT (August 28 2019)


The August 28 2019 edition of WWE NXT and NXT UK went down this past Wednesday. Listed below are the 5 best moments from the shows.

6NXT UK Tag Team Mayhem

As NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff was mere days away, tensions were running high, specifically between the teams competing in the triple threat match for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.

The Grizzled Young Vets, falling just short of being heroic fighting champions, lodged a complaint against NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint for pitting them against not one but two teams at TakeOver, making their chances of retaining their titles much lower.

The other two teams in contention for the titles, Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster, and Gallus’ Mark Coffey and Wolgang, were less than pleased that the champs were attempting to weasel their way out of the match and stormed down to the ring, igniting a massive brawl between all six men.

Zack Gibson and James Drake probably should have just taken the match given to them, as this brawl will undoubtedly cause them to be less than 100% going into their championship bout at TakeOver.