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The 5 Best Moments from SmackDown (October 4 2019)

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The October 4 2019 edition of WWE SmackDown went down last night in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Listed below are the 5 best moments from the show.

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Finally – The Rock Has Come Back to SmackDown

As last night was the first episode of Friday Night SmackDown on Fox, it presented the perfect opportunity for The Rock to return home, to the show literally named after him.

The Rock teamed up with The Man Becky Lynch to put a verbal smackdown on King Corbin before dropping him with a physical one.

Bray Wyatt & The Fiend Each Make a Statement

Both Bray Wyatt and The Fiend made an appearance on last night’s episode of SmackDown, each with the goal of giving Seth Rollins a preview of what he will face on Sunday at Hell in a Cell, though they went about doing this in very different ways.

Bray Wyatt hosted an episode of Firefly Fun House where Ramblin’ Rabbit, dressed as Seth Rollins, was torn apart by “No Mercy” the Buzzard inside a miniature cage, while The Fiend took a more direct approach, laying Rollins out with a Mandible Claw in the midst of his match against Shinsuke Nakamura.

Kevin Owens Fires Shane O’Mac

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon each put their careers on the line in a ladder match last night, agreeing that the winner would have the right to fire the loser from WWE.

This match included all of the ladder match goodness you’d expect, just on double speed. Kevin and Shane O’Mac tore each other to shreds in a vicious bout that ended with Kevin Owens powerbombing Shane off a ladder, claiming the contract hung above the ring for himself, then hitting Shane with a Stunner and doing his best Vince McMahon impression with a “YOU’RE FIREEEEDD.”

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Erick Rowan and Roman Reigns in a Lumberjack Match

Ahead of their tag team match at Hell in a Cell on Sunday, Erick Rowan and Roman Reigns went one-on-one in a Lumberjack Match.

The presence of the lumberjacks did little to prevent Roman and Rowan from leaving the ring, however, as Erick Rowan demonstrated his physical prowess by bulldozing through all of the lumberjacks single-handedly to get at Roman Reigns at ringside.

Luke Harper, of course, interfered when he saw that his teammate was losing control of the action, but Daniel Bryan hopped in the ring (he was conveniently close by, seated at the announce table), taking Harper down and opening the door for Reigns to defeat Erick Rowan.

Brock Lesnar Stands Tall… Momentarily

Brock Lesnar challenged Kofi Kingston to a match for his WWE Championship on SmackDown Live, and wanted this match to take place on a very specific date – October 4th, the first episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

And for a moment, it appeared that everything had worked out exactly how The Beast had planned. He caught Kofi Kingston off-guard the second the match began, throwing him into the air for an F5 to take the WWE Championship.

But shortly after the final bell, Brock Lesnar came face to face with one of the only men to ever best him – Cain Velasquez. With Rey Mysterio at his side, Cain marched straight to the ring, mounting Lesnar and raining down strikes until Brock slid out of the ring and made a run for it.

What’s on your list of the best moments from the October 4 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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