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The 5 Best Moments from SmackDown Live (September 10 2019)

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The September 10 2019 edition of WWE SmackDown Live went down last night in Madison Square Garden, in New York City, New York. Listed below are the 5 best moments from the show.

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The Undertaker Puts Sami Zayn in His Place

The Undertaker graced Madison Square Garden to open last night’s episode of SmackDown Live. He spoke about his career and the new generation of Superstars until the only man with the gall to interrupt the person who commands more respect than possibly any Superstar in history came to the stage.

Sami Zayn was positive that not only did the audience want him to take the reigns from Taker, but they would also like nothing more than to see him take The Deadman down. But Sami was better than that, and instead of dropping Taker (as he so clearly could), he would simply ask that Taker leave the ring.

Undertaker turned to leave, luring Sami Zayn into a false sense of security (and confidence), but then came back into the ring, staring Zayn down before laying him out with a chokeslam.

Heavy Machinery Squash Silver and Keaton

Heavy Machinery stepped into the ring with two very serious competitors, Johnny Silver and Alex Keaton, aiming to raise their position amongst the SmackDown Live Tag Team Division.

This match was basically a Heavy Machinery highlight reel and it was amazing. Otis and Tucker destroyed Silver and Keaton with their finest maneuvers, from the Caterpillar to their double team finisher.

On top of being ridiculously amusing in their backstage segments, Heavy Machinery is highly entertaining, and highly-skilled, in the ring, making their matches must-see every time.

Roman Reigns Confronts Erick Rowan

Last week‘s vicious attack on Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan wasn’t enough for Erick Rowan, as he still hadn’t gotten the chance to really say what he wanted to say. So he came to the ring with the intentions of unleashing all his thoughts on the situation with Bryan and Reigns but was thwarted once more when Roman Reigns interrupted him.

And Roman had nothing to say, instead, he came ready for a fight, launching himself at Rowan in the ring. Rowan obviously wasn’t going to take this attack lying down, and the two began fighting through the arena, Rowan even throwing a “fan” out of his way at one point.

They brawled all the way up the ramp, where officials struggled to separate them, but were not able to overpower either man. Rowan eventually became frustrated at Roman’s refusal to stay down and hit him in the face with a camera rig, taking out several officials along with him.

Their match at Clash of Champions will now be No Disqualifications, allowing them to resume this savage battle on Sunday.

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Kofi Kingston Recreates History

Ten years ago, Kofi Kingston made a name for himself by Boom Dropping Randy Orton through a table in Madison Square Garden in the midst of their original feud. And last night on SmackDown Live, Kofi Kingston made it his mission to ensure history repeated itself.

After Randy Orton interrupted Kofi Kingston’s speech bragging about this event, Kingston charged at The Viper, igniting a brutal brawl between the two that spilled out of the ring area and into the arena.

Randy Orton did his best to prevent this attack and turn the tables on Kofi, but the end of the brawl saw Kofi Kingston springing from a barricade, landing directly on Randy Orton and putting him through the table on which he laid once again.

Chad Gable Overcomes the Odds

Unfortunately for Elias, after making it all the way to the semi-finals of the King of the Ring Tournament, he suffered an ankle injury and was forced to sit out his match against Chad Gable. And as luck would have it, Shane McMahon returned to SmackDown Live just in time to take his place.

Determined to be the Best in the World and the King of the Ring, Shane McMahon then approached Kevin Owens, offering to remove the $100,000 fine placed against him if he would be the guest referee and call the match “correctly.”

Kevin Owens accepted the guest referee position but was hesitant to betray Chad Gable, as he knew Gable was the one who truly deserved to advance to the finals. After KO fast-counted a pin on McMahon, awarding Gable the victory, an outraged Shane changed the match to 2-out-of-3 falls.

From here, Owens was not only less inclined to help Gable, but he also did everything he could to ensure that Shane was the one to win the match. But all the fast-counts in the world in Shane O’Mac’s favor couldn’t help him when he tapped out to Gable’s ankle lock, meaning Chad Gable will be the one to face Baron Corbin in the King of the Ring finals.

What’s on your list of the best moments from the September 10 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown Live? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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