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The 5 Best Moments from SmackDown Live (August 27 2019)

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The August 27 2019 edition of WWE SmackDown Live went down last night in the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Listed below are the 5 best moments from the show.

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Ali and Buddy Murphy Face-Off in King of the Ring Tournament

Out of the 8 matches announced for the first round of the King of the Ring Tournament, this was possibly the one we were most excited to see. Not only because Ali and Buddy Murphy are two of the most electrifying competitors in the ring in WWE today, but because this wasn’t nearly the first time they would be across the ring from each other, and we knew going into it that they have a great amount of chemistry between them.

And they did not disappoint, throwing down in what was the best match of the King of the Ring Tournament so far, Ali and Murphy tore each other apart, even breaking out some seldom-seen moves for the occasion.

Though they both proved (once again) that they are beyond excellent in the ring, Ali was the one to advance in the tournament in the end. But Buddy Murphy conceded the ring with grace, holding Ali’s hand high before leaving him to celebrate his win with the audience.

Bayley Takes On Lacey Evans

Ahead of her SmackDown Live Women’s Championship match against Charlotte at Clash of Champions, Bayley stepped in the ring with Lacey Evans, one of The Queen’s former friends.

Lacey Evans is a tough competitor on her own, but to make things even more difficult for Bayley, Charlotte Flair made an appearance halfway through the match, sauntering to ringside to get an up-close look at her future opponent.

Despite the demanding situation she had been put in, Bayley overcame every obstacle and walked away with another victory under her belt.

Big E Challenges Randy Orton

At the very start of the show, Randy Orton threatened Kofi Kingston’s family, specifically his son, Kai, and when Kingston sprinted backstage to confront Orton, the inevitable brawl that ensued left Kofi lying unconscious on the ground.

Outraged by these events, Big E challenge Orton to a match in an attempt to get payback on The Viper for his cruel treatment of Kofi Kingston. And for a solid portion of the match, it appeared that he would be successful in this endeavor, as he caught Orton off-guard by charging him the second the first bell rung and held control of the match from there.

But Orton began to gain momentum, and in the closing moments of the match, The Revival interfered while the referee was distracted, enabling Orton to take the win. After the match, Dawson and Dash assisted Orton in beating Big E down further, and without Kofi Kingston or Xavier Woods to save him, E was left laid out in the ring.

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Chad Gable Advances in the King of the Ring Tournament

This match was extremely short, but it’s always fun to see both Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin in action. And the real reason this was one of the best moments of SmackDown Live is that, despite receiving quite a beatdown for much of the match, Chad Gable emerged victorious, moving to the second round of the tournament.

Which means, next week, we will see Chad Gable vs. Andrade, undoubtedly another show stealer.

Roman Reigns Gets Revenge

To finish off the night, Daniel Bryan and Rowan stood in front of a monitor backstage while Roman Reigns was in the ring, asking the crowd if he really should give the apology to Bryan and Rowan that they were demanding.

Roman Reigns clearly hasn’t been convinced of Bryan and Rowan’s innocence ever since Buddy Murphy’s confession of seeing Rowan at the scene of the crime, even through all of Bryan’s rants that it couldn’t have possibly been either of them.

Well, it was revealed that there was additional footage of the incident, which showed either Rowan or his look-alike walking away from the lighting rig after it had been shoved on top of Reigns.

Bryan completely lost it, attacking Rowan before charging to the ring to try to convince Roman that he had nothing to do with it, and even if someone had instructed Rowan to attack him, it wasn’t Bryan. But Roman was hearing none of it, and viciously speared Bryan the moment he was in reach.

What’s on your list of the best moments from the August 27 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown Live? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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