The 5 Best Moments from Raw (September 30 2019)


The September 30 2019 edition of WWE Raw went down last night in the Talking Stick Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Listed below are the 5 best moments from the show.

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6Dominick Meets The Beast

The best part of last night’s episode of Raw was hands down the opening segment. With his son Dominick seated at ringside, Rey Mysterio came to the ring to thank his son once again for convincing him not to retire after a devastating loss to Andrade, as it had led to him securing a spot in a Universal Championship Match against Seth Rollins later in the evening.

Before he could get through his speech, however, Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman, appeared on the stage, making their way toward the ring. Moments after stepping in front of Rey Mysterio, The Beast had him in his clutches, throwing Mysterio left and right with F5s and suplexes.

When he was done with Rey, he moved on to Dominick, who shrunk back in his chair as The Beast approached, but it didn’t matter. Lesnar seized Dominick from his chair, threw him over the barricade, and slung him into a ring post before rag dolling him just like he had done to Dominick’s father seconds earlier.

Paul Heyman did his best to reason with Lesnar and convince him that he had done enough, but Brock came back a second and third time before finally deciding that the father and son had enough for one night.

Dominick was stretchered away and taken to a nearby medical center while Mysterio wept in anguish over his son’s crumpled body, apologizing for placing him in harm’s way.