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The 5 Best Moments from NXT (November 6 2019)

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The November 6 2019 edition of WWE NXT went down this past Wednesday. Listed below are the 5 best moments from the show.

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Pete Dunne Gets Revenge on Damian Priest

Two weeks ago on NXT, Damian Priest and Pete Dunne competed in their first match, during which Damian Priest became frustrated by his inability to put The Bruiserweight away, and cheated to win with a low-blow.

As the match had a questionable ending, and Pete Dunne was, of course, looking for payback, the two faced off in a rematch on this week’s episode. In the ultimate act of revenge, while the referee was distracted toward the end of the match, Pete Dunne threw a kick directly between the legs of Damian Priest, allowing him to take the win shortly thereafter.

But Dunne’s celebration was cut short by Killian Dain, who made it clear during his attack on Tyler Bate last week that Pete Dunne was enemy number one. Killian Dain not only laid out Dunne but Damian Priest as well, who attempted to get in on the beatdown.

This interaction opened the door for many possibilities between the three competitors, and maybe even a tag match involving Cameron Grimes, who has continuously benefitted from Dain’s actions, whether purposefully or indirectly.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Takes On Dominik Dijakovic

After participating in the NXT invasion of Raw earlier in the week, Dominik Dijakovic came home to the gold brand to battle Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, who continues to impress in this new chapter of his career.

Dijakovic was hoping for an early victory, which Swerve prevented with a fearless approach to this match, launching himself at his opponent the moment the bell rang.

Both competitors showed off their unique styles, Swerve taking Dijakovic to the absolute limit before the Dijak connected with a Feast Your Eyes, securing the victory.

Dakota Kai Looks to Impress Ahead of WarGames

In an effort to prove that she is no longer afraid of her old nemesis, Shayna Baszler, as well as impress Rhea Ripley in hopes of being chosen for her WarGames team, Dakota Kai took to the ring in a match against the Women’s Champ.

Dakota Kai gave it everything she had, putting up a much stronger fight than the Queen of Spades probably anticipated, but in the end, Baszler was the one to take the win, tapping Kai out with her Kirafuda Clutch.

A brawl broke out post-match, as Shayna Baszler and her cohorts, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, attempted to teach Kai a lesson for daring to challenge the champ, and Rhea Ripley and her squad ran down to save her.

Mia Yim stood particularly tall from this, as the use of a kendo stick allowed her to chase off all three Horsewomen. This act of brutality, as Rhea Ripley called it, earned Yim the coveted final position in Ripley’s WarGames team, unfortunately meaning that Dakota Kai didn’t make the cut.

Upon learning this, Dakota became visibly upset, storming out the frame and leaving her friends behind. There is still an open spot on Shayna Baszler’s team, however, and who knows, Dakota may have impressed the Queen enough during their match that she receives an invitation to come to the dark side.

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Tony Nese and Angel Garza Compete for No. 1 Contender

In one of my personal favorite moments of this week’s episode, Tony Nese and Angel Garza competed to determine which man would be the one to face Lio Rush for his newly attained NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Not only was this a fun, high-intensity match (just what we’ve come to expect from WWE’s Cruiserweight division), but it was very special to see Tony Nese, a man who has been tearing it up on 205 Live for years at this point – to nearly zero reaction.

And for me, it’s extremely sad to watch competitors give it their all and put on these amazing matches that no one seems to care about. But not Full Sail. No, the (incredibly) devoted NXT audience gave Tony Nese the ovation that he has been deserved for so long.

That’s not to say that Angel Garza didn’t merit applause as well, but being a 205 Live O.G. has to have been frustrating, and seeing the crowd react to Tony the way they did, despite Angel Garza coming out on top, really was amazing.

Post-match, Lio Rush came to the stage to “congratulate” Angel Garza, who saw right through Rush’s attempt at a power move and smacked him in the face. Rush simply smiled and brushed it off, but this will surely set the tone for next week’s championship match.

Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee, and Matt Riddle Challenge The OC

To start this week’s episode of NXT, The OC invaded the gold brand. And to repay Undisputed Era for dominating both Raw and SmackDown, AJ Styles and his crew laid out all four members of the Era before coming to the ring to announce their hijacking of the show.

Tommaso Ciampa took issue with Styles’ claim that the black and gold ring was now his, and came to the stage to tell him so, then welcomed Matt Riddle and Keith Lee to join him, informing The OC that they might want to change into their gear because a fight was coming their way.

As you would expect with the line-up of competitors, the 6-man tag match was incredible, making us want more from the two teams, whether that be any combination of singles matches, tag matches, or even a rematch with all 6 included.

And because of the way the match ended (or didn’t end), there is a built-in reason for a rematch. It began with Keith Lee inadvertently knocking the referee unconscious by pouncing AJ Styles onto him. This presented the opportunity for a brawl to break out between all men involved.

In the midst of this brawl, Finn Bálor made his entrance, not to assist his fellow Team NXT members, but to assist The Club (aka The OC) by pele kicking Matt Riddle in the head before throwing up the guns/too sweet to Styles, who Styles Clashed Tommaso Ciampa, taking the upper hand.

Or so he thought. Right after the Styles Clash, AJ Styles fell victim to a superkick from Adam Cole, who sprang into the ring to get revenge on the leader of The OC. And he didn’t stop there. Cole turned his attention to Ciampa, who has been gunning for his NXT Championship ever since returning to NXT TV, flattening him with a Last Shot.

Adam Cole, and therefore the Undisputed Era, came out on top of this exchange, but angering their WarGames opponents just weeks before the match may prove to be a mistake when it’s all said and done.

What’s on your list of the best moments from the November 6 2019 episode of WWE NXT? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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