When you think of WWE, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the actual wrestling. And while that is obviously an integral component, one of my favorite parts of any wrestling show is the entrances, more specifically, the entrance music.

Listed below are the 21 best entrance themes in WWE, past and present. Keep in mind they are in very loose order because I love all 21 and it was very difficult to pick one over the other.

20Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Omen In The Sky

I’m not sure what it is about this Buckcherry-esque tune that’s so appealing, but Gallows and Anderson’s Omen in the Sky is up there for me in terms of the most head-bob-worthy entrance themes of the modern era.

From that first ringing note to the opening riff that is woven throughout the rest of the song, this is one I would listen to casually – and I don’t even like Buckcherry.