From September of 1995 to March of 2001, WCW’s Monday Nitro produced some of the best and most memorable matches of all time. From the big name stars like Goldberg, Sting, and Hogan, to almost every cruiserweight, the entire roster chipped in to make Nitro must-see TV each week.

The following is a list of the 15 best WCW Nitro matches of all time… or at least the matches I found the most fun to watch!


14Ultimo Dragon vs. Dean Malenko

WCW Nitro Episode #76 (February 24 1997)

Another underrated match that features two stars that helped make WCW what it was at its peak. Dean Malenko, in particular, is a ton of fun here, combining some classic heel stuff with his consistently crisp in-ring work. Warning: there’s not a clean finish here, but it didn’t take away from the rest of the match, at least for me.

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