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The 10 Best John Cena Matches on the WWE Network

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John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Last Man Standing

Payback 2014


Less than a year after Bray Wyatt’s main roster debut, he entered into a feud with The Face that Runs the Place, John Cena. This match told an epic story; two men fighting to be the last one standing, with the action building in intensity and desperation as it went on.

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John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

Champion vs. Champion Match

SummerSlam 2015


There is no question that 2015 was John Cena’s best year in the ring, as nearly half of the matches on this list took place in those twelve months. This match was particularly intense, as it was billed as John Cena’s attempt to get retribution for The Architect breaking his face just a few weeks earlier.

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John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

Extreme Rules

Extreme Rules 2012


If you enjoy downright cruelty with your wrestling, this is the match for you. After a 5 year hiatus from the squared circle, Brock Lesnar was out to show everyone that he was a force to be reckoned with and did so by beating the absolute shit out of John Cena. If nothing else, this one proved that Cena could take a punch.

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John Cena vs. AJ Styles

Royal Rumble 2017


The fifteen-time world champion, John Cena, took on The Phenomenal One in his first Royal Rumble single’s match. AJ Styles could make anyone look like a star, but don’t let that take away from the fact that Cena more than held his own in the ring against arguably the greatest wrestler in the world.

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John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

Elimination Chamber 2015


John Cena has come to be known as the gatekeeper for WWE. If you want to be main event talent, you have to go through Cena, and this feud did just that for Kevin Owens. Taking on Cena is exactly what he needed to rocket to his place as the top heel in the company.

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John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels

Raw #726 (April 23, 2007)


Leave it to John Cena and Shawn Michaels to top an already great match at Mania with an hour-long rematch on television. The list of matches this length on Raw (or SmackDown, for that matter) is a short one, but these two proved that they could hold an audience’s attention for as long as they wanted.

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John Cena vs. Cesaro

Raw #1154 (July 06 2015)


John Cena has had some of the best US Title runs of all time, and a large part of that is his Open Challenge, where he lays the title on the line to anyone willing to fight for it. This particular challenge features The Swiss Superman, Cesaro, in a match that had the entire arena on the edge of their seats.

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John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan

SummerSlam 2013


At the start of this match, the crowd was vehemently against Cena taking on their golden boy, Daniel Bryan, but after it became obvious that this wasn’t going to be a beatdown, they changed their tune. By the end, they had the audience in the palm of their hand and wowed everyone with an even bout showcasing both of their styles.

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John Cena vs. Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar

Triple Threat Match

Royal Rumble 2015


Not quite as brutal as the singles match with Lesnar, but you know anything with The Beast is going to be violent. Three of the best WWE had to offer in a pay-per-view match with the championship on the line, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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John Cena vs. CM Punk

Money in the Bank 2011


This match took place a few short weeks after the infamous “pipe bomb” promo dropped by CM Punk. Cena had already cemented himself as the top guy in the company and Punk was a fan favorite at this time, so we knew going in that this was going to be epic. What we didn’t know was that this was going to be an all-time classic.

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What’s your favorite John Cena match? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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