Friday, March 24, 2023

Samoa Joe Speaks on Roman Reigns’ Attacker

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Last Tuesday on SmackDown Live, Roman Reigns was headed toward an interview with Kayla Braxton to reveal his plans for Summerslam, but never made it there, as he was attacked halfway down the hallway.

Seeing Superstars lash out at each other is nothing out of the ordinary for WWE programming, but this was no normal attack. As he walked toward the Kayla, a lighting rig was pushed on top of him. Luckily, he managed to escape without serious injury, but the question remained: who would do such a thing?

WWE officials, as well as much of the WWE Universe, immediately pointed the finger at Samoa Joe, who took great offense to being blamed without cause and, last night on Raw, let us all know just how upset he was.

Samoa Joe demanded an apology from Roman Reigns himself for allowing the rumor that he was behind the attack to spread. However, Reigns was late to the arena, so Joe grew impatient and stormed off to the parking lot to meet him.

As Joe approached the Reigns’ car, another vehicle came flying from the other side of the parking lot, slamming directly into the spot where Reigns had stood just moments before (Reigns saw the car coming and lept back into his vehicle at the last second).

Samoa Joe Roman Reigns Raw August 5 2019
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After the crash, Samoa Joe tossed the animosity between himself and Reigns aside, running to the car to ensure that Reigns had made it through okay before scanning the parking lot for the long-gone vehicle.

This proved without a shadow of a doubt that Reigns’ attacker was not Samoa Joe. In fact, the recklessness this mystery assailant is showing in his attempts to take Roman Reigns down (seemingly for good) takes a level of savagery even Joe is unwilling to stoop to.

When everything had settled down and it was determined that Roman Reigns hadn’t been harmed too severely, Samoa Joe was interviewed regarding his thoughts on the event.

Samoa Joe said that no amount of animosity toward his fellow Superstar would drive him to commit such crimes, and whoever was behind them needed to be dealt with accordingly.

As tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live is the final episode of WWE TV before Summerslam, the attacker may reveal themselves in order to gain a match and a chance for glory at the biggest party of the summer.

But now that they’ve made enemies of both Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe, they may find that they were mistaken in thinking such rash actions were justified.

What do you think of Samoa Joe’s message to Roman Reigns’ attacker? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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