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Kevin Owens: The Unlikely Wildcard of WWE

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Kevin Owens’ improbable journey to the top of the tallest mountain that is WWE has been an arduous one, to say the least.

Owens, who made his professional wrestling debut in 2000, scratched and clawed his way through the independent ranks before finally arriving in the WWE in 2014. Since then, The Prizefighter has captured seven championships, been part of many memorable matchups and moments with the likes of John Cena and Chris Jericho, and redefined what a WWE Superstar looks and feels like.

KO’s brash attitude, elite in-ring ability, and quick-wittedness on the microphone have allowed him to overcome his unorthodox look and reach the highest of heights in WWE.

How high exactly? Well, last month, on the September 12th episode of SmackDown Live, Owens got in the ring with Vince McMahon. He then proceeded to lay hands on the 72-year-old billionaire, Chairman, and CEO, creating a moment that fans are sure to remember for decades to come.


Only a few elite stars, such as CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin, have ever roughed up Vinnie Mac.
If that’s not making it in this business, then I don’t know what is.
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Owens’ natural ability to connect with the WWE audience is rare, and a true testament to the amount of talent he possesses. He has that “it” factor that everyone in the entertainment industry rants and raves about, as well as a firm grip on his identity as a character.

Kevin Owens isn’t an undead wizard, a masked crusader, or a flying luchador, he’s a family man who fights for money to better the lives of his loved ones. On paper, the idea seems a bit too bland to survive in the colorful and wacky world of WWE, but Owens’ is talented enough to not only make it work but stand out in bold among WWE’s crowded and talented cast of characters.

On social media, Owens is one of WWE’s best follows, often managing to be more entertaining behind a keyboard than some of his colleagues can be in front of a camera. His merchandise is absolutely fantastic and often parodies classic WWE merch from the past, which helps him connect with fans from WWE’s glory days. These things may seem silly at first glance, but are extremely important tools that performers in 2017 need to have in their toolbox in order to thrive in professional wrestling today.

Owens has done quite a lot so far in his short run with WWE, but there is no doubt that his best days are still ahead of him. When he’s on your television screen, you never know what to expect, you just know that it’s going to be worth tuning in for, which is the mark of a true icon. Professional wrestling is at its best when it’s unpredictable, and there may not be a bigger and better wildcard on the current WWE roster than Kevin Owens.


What are your thoughts on the self-proclaimed New Face of America? Let us know on twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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