Wednesday, March 29, 2023

ECW Documentary Airs on WWE Network

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When Paul Heyman took over Eastern Championship Wrestling in 1993, he created a revolutionary promotion by rebranding the company as Extreme Championship Wrestling, advertised as a particularly brutal or extreme branch of professional wrestling.

Though ECW developed somewhat of a cult following during its years in business, it closed its doors in 2001. WWE bought the company in 2003 and produced a show called “ECW One Night Stand” in June of 2005.

One Night Stand was a success and gave rise to ECW’s second coming, this time under the WWE name. However, due to WWE being a much stricter environment, this version of the brand was less positively received, as it didn’t appeal to the fanbase of the high-risk, no rules ECW of the past.

“When the rebel becomes the establishment, it’s no longer the rebel, it’s the thing you rebel against” – Paul Heyman

Yesterday, WWE released a documentary illustrating this story, as seen through the eyes of Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer, and other ECW Superstars.

See the official announcement from WWE below:

Have you seen The Untold Story of ECW yet? If so, did you like it? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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