Announcing the “Operation Monday Nitro” Project

Operation Monday Nitro Announcement

On September 4, 1995, WCW launched what would eventually become one of the biggest weekly wrestling television shows of all time, WCW Monday Nitro. The show would begin to decline in quality around 1998, with the last few years of its existence being considered some of the worst in the history of pro wrestling.

But for those first few years, WCW would create some of the most memorable television in the history of professional wrestling. In fact, that time period is still considered by many fans today, over twenty years later, to be the best of all time.

In what we’re calling Operation Monday Nitro, our plan is to cover all of the pay-per-view events from this time period (September ’95-December ’98), as well as all of the episodes of Monday Nitro, in great detail.

We’ll be publishing written reviews of these shows to the site in a few months, as well as producing audio reviews, which will be exclusive to our Patreon members starting today.

Check back here often as we’ll be adding links to both the written and audio reviews of each show as they become available! 🙂

Season 1: 1995