WrestleMania 35

For many of today’s WWE Superstars, competing in a WWE ring was a lifelong dream. And for one of NXT’s newest recruits, Albert Hardie Jr, the profound joy that comes with the realization of this dream couldn’t be more evident.

Albert Hardie Jr, or ACH, has been an in-ring competitor for the last 12 years and burst onto the NXT stage in March of this year. Hardie is easily one of the most positive, likable people on any WWE roster, which is plain to see in the video below, chronicling his first ever WrestleMania Week experience.

Hardie was positively glowing with excitement as he signed autographs, gave out high fives, competed in the Worlds Collide event, and marveled at the scale of the WrestleMania set.

If you don’t already love Albert Hardie Jr, we can almost guarantee that you will after experiencing WrestleMania 35 through his eyes.

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