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5 Things We Love About WWE, 5 Suggestions for Change

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5 Suggestions for Change

Throw Out the Wildcard Rule

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WWE is already on a major winning streak with their content and characters, but with a few minor tweaks to their two main roster shows, they could kick things to an even higher gear than the one they’re already running on.

The first, and probably the most glaring problem is the Wildcard Rule, as removing this one issue could instantly solve most of the rest. The Wildcard Rule is something that, even when it first debuted, felt like a misstep.

As we said earlier, WWE is home to some of the greatest talent in the world, and while using Roman Reigns as much as possible makes some sense, devoting an hour a week to anyone, whether it be Roman or Drew McIntyre or Shane McMahon, is neither needed nor appealing. As even the biggest stars need to be missed now and then or they risk (and often reach) overexposure.

Not to mention that time could be used to spotlight another (or several other) of their many Superstars, which leads us to our next point.

Take Advantage of Depth

Again, using guys like Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan to the utmost of their ability makes a ton of sense, but WWE has way too much depth to devote their sole focus to a handful of performers.

And when less utilized guys like Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy, or girls like Liv Morgan and Kairi Sane, get a chance to prove their worth in the ring, they excel every single time.

WWE has been doing a better job of this lately, but there is still room for improvement in this area.

Focus on Women

While it needs to be noted that there are a couple of really interesting storylines brewing between the four horsewomen (Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks) at the moment, the ladies of WWE aren’t getting quite the attention that they deserve.

Singles competitors like Naomi and Sarah Logan are getting lost in the shuffle, not to mention the Women’s Tag Division, which has been somewhat of a mess since its inception.

But there is so much talent in the Women’s Division waiting to be used, and so much of a demand to see it highlighted, that it only makes sense to add more women’s matches to the rotation on both Raw and SmackDown.

Put a Spotlight on Tag Teams

Possibly even more than the Women’s Division, the Tag Team Division often feels like an afterthought. To be fair, we are huge fans of tag team wrestling at Rumble Ramble, but with stellar duos like The Usos, The Revival, and Heavy Machinery on the roster, just to name a few, there is no arguing that making these divisions feel more important would be a step in the right direction.

And with the potential for new pairings being so great, such as last week’s combination of Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura, the tag division not only provides an excellent opportunity to create new stars around major titles but also to give attention to established Superstars who may not have the chance otherwise.

Make Main Roster Shows Feel Different

There is no question that WWE’s production is top-notch. From top to bottom, it’s evident that both Raw and SmackDown are expertly crafted. And though that obviously isn’t a bad thing, they may be a little too comfortable with the formula they’ve created.

Raw and SmackDown feel extremely similar. And yes, the Wildcard Rule doesn’t help that fact, but even beyond that, the actual lighting and presentation of the shows are almost identical.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Raw and SmackDown, while both still giving that big-time atmosphere, had completely different vibes otherwise? Whether it be that one is made less “bright and shiny” than the other and given a grittier feel, or some other adjustment is made to separate them design-wise, giving each of the main roster shows their own distinct characteristics would be a welcome change.

What’s on your list of the things you love about WWE? Is there anything you would tweak about the shows? Let us know on Twitter, @TheRumbleRamble.

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